31 julio 2013


Just two sketches, as I am planning on drawing every morning , I start with these two. I have to practice A LOT in order to get where I want to...
In the next post I´ll show you all the tutorials, readings, and awesome artists I am learning from! Internet is such a huge resource world, you don´t even know where to start! 



Internet has lots of information, but it will never be as good as learning from a book! I got from Amazon these two awesome books, can´t wait to read them!! 
Dream Worlds 
Ideas for the animated short.

2 comentarios :

Victoria Villa dijo...

y que lo digas! :D tener informacion en libro, asi de primera mano, es una experiencia religiosa para el conocimiento! :D

Liliana C. dijo...

Ai gustavo... :)
Yo tb prefiero los libros, tienen una magia especial.